List of software for lotto fans

There are literally hundreds of products for sale that claim they will help ypu to win the lotto. After all, that is everybody's dream, so there must be a huge market for this kind of software. But as always, when there is a demand, it will also attract lots of people trying to make quick money.

Many of those softwares will "guarantee" you that you will be the next jackpot winner if you buy them. The fact is that of course no software can guarantee you that you will win the lotto jackpot. No sane person would assume that to be true. But that does not mean it does not make sense to spend some money on lotto software. The best softwares for lotto fans actually offer good value for money.

How can a lotto software improve your chances of winning the lotto?

Of the many softwares out there, there is only one kind that is actually worth spending money on. This is the kind that uses collected data of earlier lotto results and then suggests multiple numbers combinations based on which numbers haven't turned up for a longer period than normal, and numbers that seem to turn up more frequently than others.

Obviously, in order to improve you chances of winning, the best lotto software will also eliminate highly unlikely number combinations, like 6 consecutive numbers, from their suggestions. Also, there should be an option to include several personal numbers in the suggestion (meaning that if you have 2 or more "lucky numbers", you can set those and have the lottery software pick the rest of the numbers to complete your ticket)

Are those softwares for lotto players worth their money?

At a price around $39, the best lotto software products are actually a good deal. Consider this: If you spend money on lottery tickets every second week - how much money is that in a year? In 5 years? And if the software, by applying mathematic algorithms, can improve your chances at the lottery by the factor 3, then your money is well spent - after all, it is just a one-time investment.

We have tested dozens of products for you

After having reviewed dozens of lotto softwares, there are two products that stand out. Those lotto softwares do all the things described above, and then some. They are both simple to install and use, but make no mistake: there is quite a lot of applied mathematics behind them, like statistics and chaos theory.

Our #1 recommendation: Formula1 Lotto System - click here to check this software

Our #2 recommendation: BeatTheLotto - click here to check this software