Online lotto providers compared

I you are planning to get a ticket (or multiple tickets) for any of the big lotto jackpots available, you must know that there is more than one provider. As a matter of fact, there are 4 websites where you can get your tickets. To make your decision easier, we have gathered some info on the various online lotto websites and we can now provide you with a comparison.

Quick comparison and most basic details

After some research, we have set up a table with the most important characteristics of the three best lottery websites. Where there are points awarded for specific aspects, 10 points mean the highest rating for that aspect, while zero points is the worst.

One of the most important aspects of this comparison of online lottery websites is, of course, the price of the lotto tickets. Unlike when buying a ticket at a lotto shop in the country where the lottery is held, prices can vary. The obvious reason is that online ticket services have expenses because they have to employ a number of agents who buy the tickets on-site on behalf of their customers. For this service, they charge their customers, and that charge varies. The amount they charge per single ticket depends on how many tickets you buy - obviously, buying multiple tickets for multiple draws results in a cheaper per-ticket price.

   RedFoxLotto  Wintrillions   Lottoland  Jackpot
  Link to RedFoxLotto Link to Wintrillions Link to Lottoland Link to TheLotter
Providing tickets since 2015 2002 2011 2014
average price for one Euromillions ticket € 5,00 € 8,00 € 5,50 € 5,00
average price for one Powerball ticket € 5,20 € 9,00 € 5,70 € 5,30
flexibility of choices for nr of lines, nr of draws 9 10 8 5
payment methods 10 8 7 8
payout speed and methods 10 9 7 8
Syndicate tickets no yes yes no
Option to play only when a jackpot is higher  than xx no no yes no
Scratch cards no no yes yes
Instant lotto no no yes no
Casino style games no no yes yes
number of available lotteries 15 46 31 18
seat of the company  Curacao  Belize   Gibraltar  Malta


Considering the functionality and comfort aspects, your first choice would be Wintrillions, but as you can see, there is one really big issue with them and that is their ticket price. They charge almost twice the amount the others charge - that is just too much in our opinion. As a matter of fact, most lottery sites charge higher ticket prices when the jackpots go up. RedFoxLotto is the one company that does not do that.

RedFoxLotto and Lottoland are pretty much in the same league as far as the price per ticket goes. Since they both offer various promotions on a regular basis, the price you finally pay depends on what promotional offer is currently available. For that reason, we recommend you check out both sites before deciding.

While LottoLand has one interesting feature that no other company has, namely the option to buy any number of tickets, but have them participate only in draws where the jackpot is higher than a preselected amount (you can actually set this amount to 50/100/150/200 Million). 

Lastly, Jackpot is the "youngest", i.e. newest competitor in this field. They actually do things a little differently - they do not buy tickets for you but they allow you to wager on the results of those lotteries. The payout is still guaranteed because they are obliged to pay you by the Malta Gaming Authority who licensed them. Actually, they have an insurance policy in place with a major insurance company. The insurance company covers their risk that a customer making a bet through them does hit a huge jackpot.

In general, our first choice would be RedFoxLotto - simply because of the wider choice of lotteries they are offering, and based on the fact that they are the most "established", i.e. oldest, and most reputable provider there is.