Lotto America

Not as well known as the big US lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions, Lotto America is a smaller lottery that is being offered in 13 different US states.

Jackpots are usually around $2 million. Now that does not sound like much, compared to the hundreds of millions that the big American lotteries have been known to pay out. But playing Lotto America has one significant upside, and that has to do with the numbers structure and the odds of winning.

Another argument in favor of Lotto America is the fact that tickets are cheaper – only half the price of a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket. So if you have a fixed budget for lottery tickets, you can play Lotto America and get twice as many tickets or number combinations for the same amount of money. That also doubles your expectation of winning.

play lotto americaHow to win at Lotto America

Lotto America draws 5 numbers from a range of 52 numbers, plus one extra number from a range of 10. The result is that your chance of winning is one in around 25 million. If you compare that with the probability of a Powerball jackpot win (which is one in 292 million), you can see how this lottery offers great odds. And wouldn’t a $2 million win be something ´that could turn your life upside down?

Many Playing Options Online

Using our ticket service, you can play American Lotto Online as often as your entertainment budget allows. The setup at this site requires that you buy more than one ticket, but then again, why go through the thrill of playing other area lottery games and not go for the gusto? You want to give yourself a better shot at winning, and this online format does just that.

Each one of our lotteries has a variation on the number of drawings that you may select. All in all, you will be able to participate in the lottery for an extended time with one purchase. That allows you to reserve your shots at winning for several weeks, without having to remember to go out and buy a new ticket each week.