Play Mega Millions Lottery USA Online

Anyone can now play the Mega Millions Lotto Online from anywhere

The Mega Millions Lottery was launched in May 2002 and has become one of the most popular national lotteries in the USA. Over the years, a lot of players have won over $100M+ playing this lottery in the United States. The thrill of being able to win millions in cash is why millions of Americans love playing the Mega Millions Lotto. The Mega Millions Lottery is drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 11 PM ET.

How to Play the Mega Millions Lottery

Playing this lottery Online is real simple and just like playing other popular lotteries such as the Powerball Lottery. You can purchase as many tickets as you want to each Mega Millions draw. On each ticket, you can pick your own numbers or you can select “Easy Pick” to have numbers auto-selected for your ticket. A Megamillions ticket will have 6 numbers including 5 numbers from one pool of numbers and 1 number from the second pool of numbers.

The first pool of numbers includes numbers from 1 – 56 and you need to choose 5 different numbers. The second pool of numbers includes numbers from 1 – 46 and you need to choose 1 number only from the 2nd pool of numbers. To win the Mega Millions Lottery you need to match all six numbers on your ticket. However, there are also multiple other prizes up for grabs for matching multiple numbers. If you match the number you pick from the 2nd pool of numbers on your ticket you automatically win.

Once you have a customer account for our website, you can play any lotto online, not just Mega Millions. You have the choice between over 20 of the best lotteries from all over the World.

Prizes & Payout Odds

mega millions jackpotMatch 5 White Balls + 1 Gold Ball = Jackpot (1 in 175,711,536)
Match 5 White Balls = $250,000 (1 in 3,904,701)
Match 4 White Balls + 1 Gold Ball = $10,000 (1 in 689,065)
Match 4 White Balls = $150 (1 in 15,313)
Match 3 White Balls + 1 Gold Ball = $150 (1 in 13,781)
Match 3 White Balls = $7 (1 in 306)
Match 2 White Balls + 1 Gold Ball = $10 (1 in 844)
Match 1 White Ball + 1 Gold Ball = $3 (1 in 141)
Match 1 Gold Ball = $2 (1 in 75)

If you win the Mega Millions jackpot you have two options. You can take one lump sum payment of all the money in the jackpot at the time you win or you can receive 26 yearly payments. The amount you receive per year is roughly $38.5K for every $1M in the jackpot before taxes. Most people who win the Mega Millions jackpot take one lump sum, as it’s often more than most people can imagine winning in their lifetime.

You played Mega Millions here, we will get you paid!

If you have played Mega Millions with the help of our website, we will also make sure that you receive the money that you won. If it is a smaller amount, you will get it paid into your customer account. If it is a larger amount (more than €2500,00), we will process the necessary paperwork to get you paid by the lottery itself.

Is it legal to play Mega Millions online?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. Our website offers a courier or messenger service for lottery tickets. We buy real tickets for the lotteries we list on our site. The scan of the ticket you get uploaded is the player’s confirmation of purchase. The actual ticket will be placed in a safe, and if you want, you could travel to the US and pick the ticket up at our offices. It is your ticket after all, it was you who played that lottery. If you were to present the ticket to the lottery commission, they would have to pay you.

But of course, there is no need for you to travel to the country of the lottery. Our winner’s service includes handling your payout as well. And we do not charge any fees for that – this service is part of our business model!