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The invention of the internet has brought all forms of possibility to life. Did you know you can play the lottery online from all major providers? Most lotteries were originally meant for citizens of the state or country they were being held in. Within our site, you will be able to view detailed information along with reviews on where to play any specific lottery online. Along with all this information it’s best to understand more about where the lottery came from and how it’s so widely played still today.
People play the lottery for numerous reasons, mostly for the obvious reasons for needing the money. Unfortunately, lotteries that often offer large payouts give false hope of joy when people begin to play. What if I win, I could use this money… Well in all honesty if you are playing the lottery with funds you cannot easily afford to lose, then you should not be playing. It’s a game of luck where numbers are drawn randomly, and the odds of winning the jackpot are slim. This does not stop people, however – I’m also guilty of doing the same and playing to win!

History of the lottery

Lottery can go far back as to modern history with the game of chance being played in England being hosted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1569. The money from the drawing went to great usage where winners received silver and other valuable items. It did not take long for the news of a lottery being offered there and went on to be played for over 2 centuries, before England for a short time banned the game due to outcry by some of the people. Germany also has a rich history of offering lotto play for its people, however, in the United States, it did not become official until the mid 60′s when New Hampshire decided to offer a lottery to their population.

How does playing the lottery online work?

lottery winnerIn simple terms, there are very few steps to play:

  1. Sign up for an account on our site.
  2. Verify the account by clicking a link in the email you receive after registration (check your spam folder if you cannot find that email, and mark us as a trusted sender.
  3. Select a lottery that you want to play in.
  4. Pick your favorite numbers (or let the computer pick random numbers).
  5. Pay for your ticket order (we offer several payment methods, including several ways to use your credit card securely).
  6. Shortly after your order was paid for, log in to your player account again, and there you will find a scanned ticket with your numbers on it.
  7. After the draw, check if your ticket won (we will notify you, via email, of all winnings as well).

How will my winnings be paid out?

We will take care of that for you. In case you win an amount up to €2500,00, you will find that amount in your player wallet (your account balance on our site) right after the draw results have been officially confirmed. Larger wins will be paid out by the lottery in question, directly to you. You can choose between receiving a check, or a transfer to a bank account of your choosing. Our customer support will provide you with a form to fill out to claim your win from the lottery. One of our lawyers will present that form to the lottery commission, and they will then pay you in the way you selected!

Is it legal to play those lotteries online?

Yes. The lottery does not even know that the ticket has been bought by our agents on your behalf, and the tickets do not have the name of the player on them. So you could have bought the ticket yourself, maybe during a visit you made to the country where the lottery takes place. That alone makes it legal, and you have a legitimate claim against the lottery. If you prefer, you also have the option to arrange a pickup of your ticket at our offices, and then present the ticket to the lottery in person. But most of our players prefer to let us handle that part.

Fraud prevention

Although nothing is fraud-proof, the ability to play from home and cash in winning tickets has become much safer because cashiers at gas & convenience stores are unable to scam or defraud members of their winnings. It’s always viable to check the winning numbers online or in your local paper before cashing in any ticket to ensure you’re going to get the money you rightfully earned. Although steps have been put in place to reduce the amount of fraud that goes on for example cashiers who go to redeem a lottery jackpot winner usually go through an extensive check to see if he/she rightfully owns the ticket.

Benefits of playing the lottery online

A true benefit of playing the lottery online is the safety factor. Your online lotto service buys a ticket in your name – the physical ticket has your name written on it, so only you can cash it in. While you will receive an email with a scanned version of your lottery ticket, the online ticket service safely holds onto your original. So your ticket can’t get lost. But the main benefit when you play the lottery online is the bigger choice of lotteries. No need to wait for your local jackpot to grow – you could simply pick whatever lottery worldwide has the biggest prize at the moment.

In conclusion, check out all the lottery types available on the site as you now have the option to bundle play one or more jackpot lotteries from across the globe. Along with these great offers you might also be eligible for a small bonus or promotion you would not be able to receive in your local store.