OZ Lotto Australia

The Australian Lotto is not too far away online

The Australian lottery sector is a thriving industry and the country boasts several reputed lottery companies. The country has both state and international-level lotto providers and players are spoiled for choice, being able to choose from an array of lottery tickets sold at convenience stores, and it is only logical to have online sites catering to people from abroad who want to play Australian lottery online.

In regards to lotteries, Australian gambling law permits and licenses lottery companies; Aussie players will be able to choose from government-owned lotteries to lotteries run by private companies. The country also offers lottery games that are licensed on a territory basis.

The prizes are also very generous and players have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars or even millions depending on which lottery game they have decided to play. Australian lottery players will be able to choose from lotto games that are run on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly basis.

What’s more, players need not worry about getting tricked by fraudulent Australian lottery enterprises, since the government both licenses and regulates their companies. Players will easily be able to check if a lottery company is licensed before purchasing a ticket.

play oz lotterySome of the licensed and well-established Australian lottery companies include the likes of Intralot Australia and Tattersalls otherwise known as the Tatts Group. The Australian government owns a handful of big lottery corporations such as Lotterywest and South Australian Lotteries. The authorities usually work together with the biggest lottery company in the country – namely Tatts – to organize the national lottery game by making a collective pool for all lottery ticket entries. This allows for a massive prize to be offered from their collective efforts.

If you are looking for some good lottery games in Australia, try the OZ Lotto, or the Aussie Powerball.

What if I don’t live in Australia – can I still play?

Yes, you can. Our website is the best service provider for online ticket sales for Australian lotteries. We have agents in place who will buy your ticket, and then you will receive an email confirmation and later, in your account, a scanned image of your personal ticket for the Australian Lotto. This is perfectly legal by the way.

Play the Oz Lotto online

The Oz Lottery is operated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation or the “BCLC”. The BCLC came into existence on the 25th of October, 1984. The BCLC operates under the Gaming Control Act of British Columbia which was passed in 2002. The Oz Lottery, along with the entire BCLC, is in operation as a Crown corporation and has already given the British Columbia government a net income of more than 12.4 billion dollars. In addition, the BCLC has distributed almost $11.5 billion in prize money.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is also involved with the BC 49, Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max, Keno games, a variety of sports betting, and a Texas Hold Em flavored lottery called Pacific Hole Em Poker. Both ticket prices and prize money are based on the Canadian Dollar.

Draw and winning numbers for the Oz Lotto

The winning numbers for the Oz Lottery are drawn, by the BCLC, every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM. The standard entry cost, or ticket price, varies based on the number of games that you play and the number of weeks that you play them. There are 7 numbers drawn every week from a total of 49 possible numbers. The drawing pool of numbers consists of the number 1 through the number 49.

In each drawing, held every Tuesday at 7:30 PM, there are 6 jackpot numbers and 1 bonus number drawn. You only need to match 2 out of the 6 jackpot numbers, that were drawn, in order to win the smallest prize awarded in the amount of $5.00. An entry that has more of the jackpot and bonus numbers would win a larger prize, all the way up to the Grand Prize of $2 Million.