Lotto winning numbers for the world’s biggest lotteries

If you want to check the draw results for multiple international lotteries on one single page, then you have come to the right place. On this page, you find the results for the biggest lotteries on the planet, always up to date. As soon as any of those draws have been completed, we update the numbers here. You can also check the winning numbers and draw results for previous draw dates.

On top of that service, in the results boxes, you can find a “Play” button that allows you to buy a ticket for any of those lotteries. Yes, you heard right – your country of residence no longer is the decisive factor for your choice of lotteries. Instead of playing your national lotto (for a jackpot that may not even be worthwhile), you can just pick the lottery with the currently highest jackpot.

This is made possible by our ticket courier service. Once registered on our website, you can pick numbers for any of the lotteries on offer, for as many tickets as you want. You can opt to play as many draws in a row as you want. For online payment, there are a great number of (secure) options.

lottery winning numbersOnce you have paid, we send out an employee living at the respective location of the lottery. That person buys a ticket for you, and scans it, and that scan will then be uploaded to your customer account. Your original ticket will be held in a secure place.
We even process your winnings for you at no charge. This service is absolutely legal and trustworthy, and our customers have won Millions and Millions in the past.

Check the winning numbers

If one of your tickets wins, we will notify you via email. Of course, you can also log back into your customer account, and compare the winning numbers against the numbers you picked for your own ticket.

How you get paid if you win

All winnings of up to €2500,00 will instantly be credited to your player account balance. It is then up to you to decide if you want the funds to stay there so that you can use it to buy more tickets. Or, as long as your balance is at least €10,00, you can withdraw the funds to your credit card, bank account, or crypto wallet. Please be advised that the law requires you to provide us with some proof of ID before we can pay you.

But what if you win a major amount, a jackpot even?

Well, in that case, your payout will come directly from the lottery company. Our customer support will contact you and assist you in getting paid. You will have to fill out a claim form, which we will forward to the lottery commission. You get to decide how and where you would like to get paid, and the lottery commission will send you a check or a bank transfer.

There is another option though: if you want, you can come pick up your physical ticket at a place of our choosing, and then present the ticket to the lottery commission yourself.

Isn’t it time you looked past the borders of your country and took a shot at one of those huge jackpots, some of which can be as high as 1 billion USD, sometimes even higher?