UK Lottery

If you play UK National Lotto online you will be playing for a good cause. You will not only win money for you and your family you will help the United Kingdom raise funds to help others in need! Personally, when I play the lottery and lose, it is a consolation that the money I spend on lottery tickets is being used for a good cause.

To play UK National Lotto online you will need to pick six numbers between the numbers one and forty-nine (much like other lotto online games). To win your six numbers must match. However, there is a bonus number that can win you other prizes from the second tier.

play uk lotteryThe record jackpot for UK National Lotto online is £66 Million and the minimum jackpot is £2.37 Million. To play UK National Lotto online you will have five prize levels to win. This means that you will receive bigger payouts since there are not many levels. This lotto has been known to pay winners nine times more than EuroMillions.

With our help, lotto fans from any country of the World are now able to play UK National Lotto online. Come join in on the fun at UK National Lottery Online today!

Other UK Lotto Games

Another UK National lotto game is the EuroMillions UK. Known to be the biggest lottery in Europe and it is in the top three of the known richest lotteries in the world! The last known payout on record is €185 million. A lucky Scottish couple won this jackpot in 2011. What is so cool about the EuroMillions UK is that this lotto game offers €1.2 million with every draw and other special draws that are given away many times a year!

Here is another exciting UK lotto by the name of UK Thunderball. This is the perfect game for a person to bet small, play a lot, and be able to have a chance to win big! The UK Thunderball pays out £2.4 million+ every week. There are three draws per week and each draw is worth up to £800,000. This particular lotto has nine tiers. This lotto game consists of five numbers picked from one to thirty-nine and one number picked from one to fourteen. If your six numbers match the six numbers drawn, YOU ARE A WINNER!

And then, there is the “Set For Life” lottery – this one is special, as you do not win a lump sum jackpot, but recurring monthly payments for many years to come.

All the above lotteries can be played on our website as well, and you don’t have to live in the UK to participate online.

Playing any of the lotteries on our website results in you receiving a scan of the actual physical ticket our agents purchased for you. The paper ticket itself will be held for safekeeping at our agent’s offices. In the case of a win, we will take care of your payout. But if you want to can also claim the win in person, after picking up the physical ticket at our offices.