The state-run and multi-state lotteries in the United States are incredibly desirable around the world, however, they are not typically available to you if you don’t stay in or perhaps go to the United States. The same thing goes for national lotteries in countries around the globe.

Our service handles this one to suit your needs! On behalf of our customers using our messenger service, we visit the lotto outlets and purchase tickets as your representative. This specific service is incredibly easier as compared to visiting a lottery retail outlet. You don’t need to show up at any retail outlet to buy your ticket.

Employing this messenger solution you can actually obtain tickets for virtually any draw on the planet and also have the tickets directed to any email address.

Shortly after your very own messengers purchase the tickets they scan all of them for you personally as well as transmit to us, and the tickets scans get uploaded to your customer account.

winning ticketAll the prizes claimed which are under €2500,00 will automatically be claimed for your benefit and immediately be paid into your player account. Any other prize won that is higher than this particular amount will be taken care of by our service staff. Typically, you will have to fill in a claim form, provide proof of ID, which we forward to the lottery itself. Usually, a few days later the lottery will pay your winnings out directly to you.

When possible we claim the actual jackpot funds on your part, however, if you would like to take care of your very own case we help you to facilitate your own winning claim simply by handing over the ticket to you personally and assisting you to claim your prize. We have a Winners Support Team who assists all of our clients to make this happen as a result they have already experienced more than 192,000 players who have successfully obtained benefits which range from as low as $10 ranging to a substantial $1 million jackpot.

Our platform has managed to make it straightforward for one to have access to your game account, where you can look at your very own tickets to check out critical information. Our website presents you with scanned images of your tickets prior to each and every draw.