Getting caught up in lottery frauds is almost all too easy

While there are a variety of good lottery games out right now and a lot of great techniques you can get involved in playing these games, there are also some large lottery scams that you’ll require to be aware of. Knowing what’s out there and what you need to end up being watched for is a superb method to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of some of the common cons and that you’re only playing reputable lotto games.

“Free” lotteries

free lotto scamsOne way that lots of cons start is usually by proclaiming to offer you a completely free-of-charge lotto ticket. Sadly, unless someone you know personally is giving you a lottery ticket, you can never trust free tickets. Pop-ups on your PC or the ads that the truth is while playing other games are simply not reputable. Instead, they’re a ploy to get you to give your details to the organization in exchange for your ‘tickets.’ When you give those details out you’re giving them consent to use those details to spam you with sales emails for all kinds of products. A “live” email address is a valuable commodity.

This type of lottery fraud does not cost you any money, but it is still a fraud. 99% of those so-called free lotto schemes never pay out any winnings. They just lure you onto their website and have you sign up for a free lottery ticket. By doing so, you are giving them an email address and you can be sure that your email address will end up in the email list of countless email marketers. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your email inbox to fill up with all kinds of spammy messages.

Winner notification email fraud

The scammer sends you an email that notifies you that you have won a big amount of money in the lottery. If you take a closer look, you will notice that this is a lottery that you have never bought a ticket for. Most probably, you never even heard about this lottery before. So this is, obviously, another attempt at online lottery fraud. If you did answer the email, the answer you’ll get will be a confirmation that you won, but to get paid, you need to wire transfer a “processing fee” to some offshore bank account before your money can be paid out. Needless to say, if you fall for this lotto fraud, you’ll never hear from the fraudster again once you paid this fee.

These are most surely scams that you need to stay away from. Delete the email and shred the notice instantly. You do not want to react to these messages because you will certainly never see any of those alleged winnings.

Discount lottery ticket fraud

lotto fraudThose so-called agencies try to sell you tickets for well-known lotteries at a discount price. What those guys do not tell you is that when you order a ticket from them, they will not buy a regular ticket. They are just freeriding on the real lottery, paying out if their customer won and pocketing the payments of the non-winning customers. If the real lottery only pays out a percentage of, say, 50%, and uses the rest for taxes, administrative expenses, and charity projects, you can easily see how this can be very profitable for the scammer.

The biggest problem here is: what happens if you win big? You will break the bank and never get paid, and you will not have any claim against the original lottery since you do not have a real ticket.

The most important thing is to check

All you need to do is check with the Federal Trade Commission in the United States and similar organizations abroad. They will be capable of letting you know what the most recent scams are and what you need to be watching out for. That way, you may ensure you’re not getting caught up in someone’s scam or someone else’s payday. The most important issue is usually to be conscious and recognize that you’re not heading to earn something for nothing at all. You’re not going to earn a jackpot you by no means inserted and you’re not going to obtain a free-of-charge possibility to try out a lottery.

If you’re looking for a method to legally get started and take part in the lottery take a look at the lotteries on our website. You will see the various games available and start on the one you like best. That way, you know you’re not getting involved in a rip-off and you can trust the tickets you’re buying and the wins that you’re heading to possess. Working with an established company is usually the only path to play online lotto.

Legal, non-fraudulent online lottery operators

And then there is one exception that is a great service for lotto lovers from all over the World: Our ticket messenger service! What we do is that we enable you to get tickets for any international lottery. While normally you would be restricted to playing your local/national lottery, our service opens the many cross-border lottery jackpots for you.

All you have to do is choose your lottery (more than 20 of the biggest lotteries on this planet are available, including monster jackpots like Powerball, EuroMillions, and MegaMillions). Next, pick your winning numbers and pay online.

We work with agents all over the world, and one of them will buy a real ticket for you, scan it, and upload the scanned image into your customer account for you. And if your ticket wins you a prize, we will even assist you in getting your money paid out, without any fees being deducted for this service!

The difference between us and the various online lottery fraud schemes above is that we prove that we buy a ticket, which means that if you crack the jackpot, you will get paid by the lotto commission without having to fear that your prize is only fiction!