Stick with the same numbers

This is something many players do. And it is not a bad idea at all. If the chance of actually picking the winning combination of numbers for one draw is 1 in 50 million, logic says that if you draw 10 times, then the probability that one of those draws will bring the exact numbers you chose is 1 in 5 million. Of course, you need to be aware of the fact that the odds are still bad – that is just the nature of the lottery.

Use a random number generator

numbers picking strategyMathematically, each combination of numbers has the same probability of getting drawn. In theory, a draw result like 1-2-3-4-5 is just as likely as any other probability. So whatever sequence of numbers you pick, you need to get lucky. Since this is the case, why not leave it to chance and use a random numbers generator to pick your numbers? There are several reports of jackpot winners who let a computer pick the winning numbers for them. There are apps out there meant to do that for you. If you are planning on buying your lottery tickets online, at you have a built-in random numbers generator that allows you to pick random numbers for your tickets.

Eliminate unlikely number combinations

Even when you let the computer decide the numbers, you can still manually edit the numbers. All you have to do is delete some numbers you do not want, and replace them with others. That way, you could use some personal numbers and have the computer pick the remaining ones.

Always go for the highest jackpot

There is one final piece of advice that can actually improve your mathematical chances of winning: Always go for the highest jackpot that is available to you. The expected value of your investment in a lottery ticket is a direct function of 3 factors: a), the price of the ticket, b) the number of possible combinations that can show up in the draw, and b), the potential win you can achieve. That means that if a) and b) are constant, then your expected value is higher when the jackpot is higher.

Playing online through us, you can easily check which jackpot is the highest. For example, if you wanted to compare the current top prize of Powerball versus Mega Millions, you can do that, and then decide which lottery you want to participate in.